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Is this procedure for me?
A vasectomy is a minor surgical procedure used by urologic surgeons to make a man sterile. It is one of the most popular forms of contraception in the United States and worldwide, and is regarded as safe, simple and highly effective. A vasectomy is performed by cutting the vas deferens, the small tube that carries sperm from the man's testicles to become part of his semen. Although the man continues to have sexual intercourse and climax as before, his semen does not contain sperm and he cannot father a child following a vasectomy.

A man should carefully consider options before deciding on a vasectomy. The more time you spend becoming educated about a vasectomy… or any procedure, for that matter… the greater confidence you will have in making a decision that is right for you and your situation.

Will my sex life be affected?
A vasectomy only blocks sperm and does not affect your sexual drive, your ability to have an erection, orgasm or ejaculation or your ability to have and enjoy sex. Sperm is only a small fraction of the total liquid in your semen. The amount of fluid, intensity - even color and texture - does not appear to change when sperm is absent. Male hormones continue in the bloodstream, and secondary characteristics (such as beard or voice) do not change. Some couples say their relationship is improved by not having to worry about contraceptive techniques or unplanned pregnancy.

To have all of your questions answered, please contact your physician at Family Practice Center, and he/she will be able to help you make an informed decision on this procedure.You should have all of the information beforehand when making this life-altering decision.

Vasectomies are performed at Family Practice Center's Selinsgrove office by Charles Pagana, MD, and at the Middleburg office by Chris Darrup, DO.

Charles Pagana, MD
Chris Darrup, DO
Does this work immediately?
No, a vasectomy does not make you sterile right away, and you'll want to continue using some other means to guard against pregnancy until your doctor tells you otherwise. Immediately after a vasectomy, active sperm remain in the semen for a period of time. It may take 15 to 20 ejaculations and several weeks before your semen is free of sperm. Your doctor will test the semen, perhaps several times over several weeks, and let you know when you can safely consider the vasectomy to be complete. This may be as long as two months.

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